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Schreiber Conveyancing can assist you with the following transactions.


Settlement for the sale or purchase of residential and commercial property.

We take care of the legal aspects of your transaction and liaise with you, your purchaser or purchaser's Conveyancer, your financial institution, real estate agent and the Lands Titles Office to complete a legally binding settlement.


Documentation for land division and community division.

We are experts in residential land divisions. If you are looking at subdividing your property whether it’s a Torrens Title Land Division or a Community Division, our dedicated team can help you.


Family transfers.

Including estate and matrimonial transfers for the whole or part of property. We understand the legal requirements involved and will advise you on your legal obligations, and prepare all documentation and lodge the transfer with Land Services SA.


Registration of Titles for marriages, deaths, incorporating change of names.

We prepare the documentation required to change a name on the Certificate of Title or to change property ownership and lodge the application with Land Services SA.


Preparation of private mortgages.

Our services extend to preparing formal agreements for private lending of funds. This is usually between family and friends. A formal agreement is the best way to secure your interest rather than a verbal agreement. 


Review property documents before you sign.

It is wise to speak to us before you sign your Contract. We can alert you to matters that may need to be addressed in the purchase of property and can assist in preparing and vetting special conditions to be included in the Contract


Preparation of private Contracts.

If you wish to sell your property privately and already have a purchaser, we can prepare a private Contract for you and advise on your legal obligations. 


Form 1 preparation.

Preparation of  Form 1 cooling off documentation through Schreiber Conveyancing Form 1. 


Documentation for caveats.

To protect your interest in a property, a caveat can be registered on the Certificate of Title. We will advise on your legal obligations and arrange the registration of caveat on your behalf.


Verification of Identity pursuant to the Amendments of the Real Property Act.

We explain what documents are required to verify your identity and undertake a property transaction.

Title insurance

Acting in your best interest, we bring to your attention the availability of title insurance – a type of insurance that safeguards you against losses arising from many risks inherent to purchasing a  property. Many of risks involved in purchasing property could cost you, once you are the owner, thousands of dollars in repairs.  


Title insurance provides coverage that extends beyond the scope of our services.


One of the benefits is that you pay a one-time premium and you are covered under the policy for as long as you own the property.

Peace of

Here at Schreiber Conveyancing, we use the latest technology and the best systems on the market to ensure that your information is secure and the most convenient way for you to sign documents is available.


As part of a Conveyancing transaction, you are required to provide personal identity documents. We use InfoTrack technology to ensure your identity is safe and secure throughout the entire process.


Securexchange is utilised for added security and privacy when sending and signing documents. Electronic signing of documents speeds up the process however we are happy to accommodate your preferences for signing documents to ensure that the property transaction is completed smoothly and made as easy as possible for you.


We are constantly reviewing these systems to ensure we are using the latest technology and keeping ahead with security advancements.



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